The Cobblers and Waterrun (Coast Track)

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: 1hr return
  • Distance: 3-4km
  • Access: Car, Ferry (Cronulla to Bunbeena)
  • Location: Royal National Park
  • Tags:

The Cobblers and surrounding cliffs are one of the best viewing points for whale watching within the Royal National Park. Part of the Coast Track, this walk offers stunning views of the coastline. Highly recommended!


Garry Sonter

Start/Finish points

Park at the park gate at the end of Beachcomber Ave

Nearest Towns



  1. From the Coast Trackhead follow the track past the Jibbon Track turnoff.

  2. Take the next turn left which is sign-posted Coast Track. Follow it down the hill until there is a narrow but well used track on your left when nearing the coast. Turn left and follow it down to the Cobblers.

  3. Nearing the escarpment there are a few steps before leading out onto the escarpment. Note the track on your right, as this will take you around to the other escarpment on your return from the Cobblers.

  4. Walk out onto the escarpment. There is a short scramble up just before you reach the cliff edge. Careful supervision of children is strongly recommended. If concerned for children’s safety it’s best to avoid the Cobblers and stay on the main track which leads to beautiful views and another perfect place to watch whales.

  5. Looking south you can see the abandoned watch post from WW2 built into the side of the cliff. This can be reached by following the track around to it. The easiest way to find the entrance is by looking for a hole (possibly an old chimney) coming out from the sandstone roof. There is also a steel bar. Walk over to your left to find the way down and into the shelter.

  6. Head south along the escarpment. If you can find a way down to the lower escarpment you can walk over and have a look at the Waterrun. Normally just a 16 metre trickle of water falling into the ocean but would be worth the effort to see after lots of rain. Alternately you can follow the Coast Track around to the other side of the Waterrun and backtrack. This section of track may be a little muddy after rain.

  7. Return by the main track. Alternately you can head south along the Coast Track which leads to Marley Head, Marley Beach and Wattamolla Beach. Car pooling is advised if finishing your hike at Wattamolla Beach.








Royal National Park Visitors Centre: (02) 9542 0648.


Hiking shoes, Windbreaker

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