Anak Mountain


A charming hike and climb, for total immersion in the wilderness.


Aiden Bowen

Start/Finish points

The train from Ulaanbataar goes to Orkhon daily at 21:10, costing 5700 Tugrik for single fare (you arrive at 4:30am so it is wise to have booked accommodation in advance).

Nearest Towns



  1. From the train station follow the train lines north

  2. At the rail crossing cross over and continue following the rail lines north, crossing the bridge at the river.

  3. Follow the rail lines for approx 1.5miles

  4. You will see a small underpass going under the rail lines, go under to the other side (if there are sticks in place, please replace them if you move them to get under, these keep livestock in their right side)

  5. To the north you will see the Anak mountain, the tallest peak around. Head for it.

  6. The easiest accent is from the west face of the mountain, and the terrain gets more difficult the higher you go.

  7. Once done, return the way you came.

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