Behind the Rocks/Hidden Valley


Great Hike to get away from the Moab "tourist" crowd with awesome rock formations.


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Directions – The trailhead is located along Hwy 191, on the SW edge of Moab. It is marked by a sign and obvious parking area. Some maps identify it as Angel Rock, others as the Hidden Valley Trailhead.

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A rocky cliff defines the western edge of the valley where Moab is located. Beyond that cliff, in the land "Behind the Rocks," there's incredible landscape, scenic and photogenic, but so rugged few people venture into it. The route follows the Hidden Canyon trail to the top of the Moab Rim. That vantage point gives you outstanding views of Moab Valley. From there you can plunge into a maze of fins and canyons. There is no trail through the Behind the Rocks area and you can't hike in a straight line. It is easy and fun to wander. It is very difficult to hike to a destination. Lost up here there are dinosaur tracks and ancient rock art. Finding it is difficult - and enjoyable challenge. This hike is easy to tailor to meet the needs/interests of your group. Make it easy by hiking to the top of the Rim and then turning back. Make it challenging by backpacking into the wilderness, wandering for as long as your water supply lasts, and then turning back.

  1. Hidden Valley: The trail uses switchbacks to climb the ridge and then enters a very pleasant and relatively flat area known as Hidden Valley. The trail is sandy here, but hiking is easy.

  2. Dinosaur Tracks: From Hidden Valley, the trail passes through a cut in the rim to gain access to the Behind The Rocks area. Just beyond the cut, there are several dinosaur tracks in the bottom of a wash. They are clearly dinosaur tracks, but can be difficult to see, especially if wind has filled them with sand.

  3. Behind the Rocks: From there, you just wander and explore, climbing up massive rock fins, scrambling up or down short cliffs and exploring deep canyons. It is rugged country. Pay attention so you don't get lost. Several jeep roads climb to the edge of this wilderness. They are extremely rough, axel-busting routes that appeal to hard-core off-road enthusiasts.

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