Big Baldy (Mt. Timpanogos)


A pretty day hike for those who want a chance to see a bit of the Wasatch Mountains, especially the western face of Mt. Timpanogos.


Utah Hiking Info

Start/Finish points

From I-15, take exit 272 towards 8th North in Orem.
Turn left at 400 E. Turn right at 200 S/2000 N.
Take the 3rd left onto Dry Canyon Dr. This road will pass some big houses and eventually turn into a dirt road. There is a big parking area at the trailhead.

Nearest Towns


Big Baldy shares its name with approximately 5 other peaks in Utah. This one, sometimes referred to as just “Baldy,” is a medium-sized, prominent peak at the West face of Mt. Timpanogos. There are two main trails to get to Big Baldy; one of which follows the much steeper south ridge, but the one described here follows Dry Canyon to the east ridge of Big Baldy, the one which connects it to Timpanogos.
There are trail signs pointing the way at nearly every fork until you get to the east ridge – but the funny thing is, none of them mention Big Baldy. At the first fork, choose trail 049, Dry Canyon Trail; this will be the main trail you will need to follow. Just know that there is no sign marking where the trail splits to go up the east ridge of Big Baldy, but it is easy to spot this trail, because if you want to get to the top of Big Baldy, there’s no other way to go. Just keep a lookout to your left; the trail will be marked 020 with a brown trail marker. If you continue on this trail, eventually you will reach the Timpooneke trailhead, which is one way to summit Mt. Timpanogos.

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