Canoe Creek Track


This hike gives you access to the spectacular Colo Gorge and is one of few starting points for liloing and canoeing down the Colo River.


Garry Sonter

Start/Finish points

From Windsor, cross over Windsor Bridge and head north out through Wilberforce along Wilberforce Rd. The road then becomes Singleton/Putty Rd. Pass over Colo Bridge and up the mountain on the other side to the Service Station at Colo Heights. This is the last stop for food or fuel. Access to Canoe Creek is via Grassy Hill Fire Trail (signposted but easy to miss) which starts about 16km past the Service Station on your left. Be careful not to miss the turnoff as the Putty Rd heading north has a overtaking lane at the time of turning off (If you miss the turn you will come across Culoul Range Fire Trail which is less than 1km futhure on your left and is easy to see).

Nearest Towns

Colo Heights, Wilberforce, Windsor


  1. After parking the car at the parking area walk down and along the dirt road for 2km (25- 30min).

  2. Walk about 100m up hill and turn left into a small walking track. This track is not signposted and can be easily missed. There is also a small open area which is sometimes used for camping just after the track turnoff.

  3. Follow the track which descends steeply into Canoe Ck. There is a couple tricky spots where extra care is needed.

  4. After reaching Canoe Creek follow the track down along the right hand side. Don’t follow the dry creek bed as this becomes slippery and difficult.

  5. Just before the final descent there is a nice lookout of the Colo River and gorge. From the lookout backtrack about 10m for the final descent to the river.

  6. Allow 2 hours for the return hike. In some places it is easy to loose the track. It can be picked up again if you stop and look around or back track a little.


Additional Notes

Water from the Colo River should be boiled before drinking. If you cannot boil, water from Canoe Creek is generally okay to drink but not recommended. Please help to keep this wilderness clean by taking any rubbish you find with you. Colo River is prone to flooding and care should be taken. This area is remote and there is no mobile phone coverage. EPIRBS/PLB are available to hire at no charge from Windsor Police Station. Ph 02 4587 4099

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