Cinder Cone


If you ever wanted to climb a volcano and still be in sight of civilization, here is your chance. This moderate hike will give you great views from the summit.


Utah Hiking Info

Start/Finish points

Take I-15 South to the St. George Bluff Exit (Exit 7, State Road 18). Travel north for 11.5 miles. The trailhead is located on the east side of State Road 18 one mile north of the Snow Canyon junction.

Nearest Towns


This trail is a short, steep hike with some loose, uneven surfaces. Hikers should be careful to bring protective footwear to protect their feet from the very sharp lava rock. Another note: there appears to be a trail going straight up the North face of the cone, and some may take this route, but the official trail wraps around the South side of the cone. The official trail is less steep, more fun, and safer than trying to climb straight up the North face. When you come to the fork in the trail and the official marker, veer left.

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