Delano Peak (Tushar Mountains)


Short and moderate hike to the highest peak in the Tushar Mountains of Central Utah and home to herds of Elk, Deer, and Mountain Goats. Easy hike for older kids!


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Start/Finish points

Take I-15 to Beaver and take either exit (there are only two). Follow Main Street to the middle of Town. Turn West on 200 N which turns into HWY 153 after you leave town. About 16.2 miles from the corner of Main and 200 N you will Turn off onto a Forest Road 123 (AKA Big John Flat Road) which is one of the prettiest drives you can take in Central Utah. About .25 of a mile the road will split. Take the Left fork and follow this (stay on the main road) for about 4.5 miles where there will be a fork in the road and to the right (west) you will see a Forest Service repeater tower. Follow the side road to this tower and park here.

Nearest Towns


Delano Peak is the highest point in the Tushar Mountains sitting at 12,169 ft. The Peak itself doesn’t have as much personality as other peaks in Utah, but that can be to your advantage for accessibility and the view is spectacular. The biggest risk you will come across is altitude sickness from the ride up. This route has a small elevation gain, about 645 feet, and is spread over the hike. You will start out from the repeater tower and head east over the small hill and then along the ridgeline. To the north and east you will see Bullion Pasture and Bullion Canyon which leads to Marysvale along the Sevier River. The ridge will then flatten out and turn slightly to the southeast. About a quarter mile from here you will be following another ridgeline with a nice cirque to the northeast aptly named “The Pocket”. After passing the The Pocket you will see Delano Peal to the south. Follow the southern ridgeline as it winds around until you reach the summit. At the summit you will see a Summit Post (an actual mailbox) that you can leave your name on and Take in the view. If you feel that wasn’t enough for you continue following the ridgeline south east and summit Holly Peak, another 1.5 miles distant. Beware that this increases the dificulty of the hike as you cross over steeper ridges.

To the North you will see Sevier County and I-70 leading to Richfield. To the East you will see Piute Reservoir and Highway 89. To the South you will see the Holly Peak and Elk Meadow Ski Resort. To the west you will see glimpses of Beaver and the Great Basin beyond.

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