Double O Arch


Less than a mile beyond Landscape Arch lies the second biggest Arch in Arches National Park, Double O Arch, with the larger of the two arches comprising this double arch at 71 feet, and the smaller at 21 feet. Double O Arch is a spectacular site along the Devil's Garden trail, as is the hike that takes you there. From Landscape Arch, the trail becomes less apparent and more primitive, and therefore, more fun. This hike is, of course, very crowded, and best undertaken in the morning hours when the lighting is good for photography, and the crowds haven't become overwhelming.


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Start/Finish points

To get to the trailhead:

  1. From Moab Main St (HWY 191) head North

  2. About 1.8 miles from the bridge over the Colorado River you'll come to the gate to Arches National Park

  3. Follow the National Park Road to the Devil's Garden trailhead

  4. You'll receive a park map upon entrance which will help you find this and other trails

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The Devil's Garden trail is very well-marked, well-maintained, and well-travelled until Landscape Arch where the Primitive Trail Loop begins. When you arrive at the Primitive Loop sign-post, take the left fork for the most direct route to Double O Arch.

After trekking over and around sandstone fin after sandstone fin, and seeing beautiful views of the valley to the north and the La Sal mountains to the east, you'll arrive at Double O Arch. Be sure to take plenty of water because you won't find any along the way, and during the right time of day it can get pretty hot. The trail itself is mostly flat, so the only uphill hiking you'll have to do is up and over the fins. Also, be on the lookout for cairns to mark the way when the trail leaves the sand and heads up and over the fins.

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