Five Falls of Hata Go-Taki


Ichi, ni, san, shi, go! If you’re in Tokushima and you enjoy nature, why not visit the 5 falls of Hata Go-Taki (ハ多五滝)? It’s not that far from the city centre and it’s possible to get a bus there. You could even ride a bicycle if you have the time or inclination.


Matthew Lindsay

Start/Finish points

By private transport

From Tokushima station head towards route 438. Instead of turning right towards Kamiyama continue straight where the road changes to route 136. Take this road until it ends at route 212 and turn right, following the Katsuura River past Tokushima’s oldest temple, Joroku-ji. Soon after the temple turn right at a fork in the road, following the signs towards Hata Go-taki and Sanagochi. When you come to a Shell gasoline stand turn left off this main road. This bendy road leads towards Mt Nakatsumine. When it narrows at the foot of the mountain turn right. Continue along the foot of the mountains until you come to a sign for the Inuki Outdoor Puppet Theatre. After the theatre and a few houses the road enters forest and cuts through the picturesque Jyoseki Ravine. There is space to park soon after passing through the ravine and some greenhouses.

By public transport

Buses depart from stand 2 at the main bus terminal in front of JR Tokushima train station. Fare is 520 yen one-way. Buses are limited.
Weekday departure times: 6:20, 7:55, 13:00, 15:45
Weekend departure times: 6:25, 10:05, 12:55, 15:40
After alighting at Go-Taki bus stop, walk towards the mountains and continue straight after crossing the bridge.
* Please confirm departure times at the information booth at the bus terminal.

Nearest Towns


As the name says, there are five waterfalls at Hata Go-Taki, each with their own personality. Some cascades fall in multiple streams, others singular. Some are voluminous while others are little more than a trickle. Some waterfalls drop from the top of towering cliff faces, others splash down short rocky gullies. The trail leading to the falls is relatively well maintained and apart from the occasional fallen tree trunk, the way is clear.

In order to view all five falls, allow half a day for a leisurely return hike. If you’d like to extend your journey, continue along the trail past the last fall until it reaches a road. The trail continues on the other side of the road, uphill to Nyoirin-ji Temple. The temple has extensive grounds and gardens as well as numerous buildings and statues. For those wanting a full day’s work out, continue from the top section of the temple to the summit of Mt Nakatsumine. From here there are expansive views to the south and west to enjoy.

Although it is not far from the city, it’s often possible to enjoy the serenity of Hata Go-Taki in solitude. The forest here offers good protection from the elements, particularly the scorching summer sun. The verdant spring foliage and autumn-hued leaves are additional incentives to venture in these respective seasons.

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