Hermitage Foreshore Walk (Nielsen Park)


This is a nice scenic walk 1.8km along the harbour foreshore passing several small beaches including Shark, Milk and Queens Beach.


Start/Finish points

Parking is available along Greycliffe Avenue and from there walk down the hill to Shark Beach, but if this if full park along Vaucluse Road. Other access points to the trail is via Bay View Hill Rd, Queens Avenue, Tingara Ave or through the property of Strickland House.

Nearest Towns


  1. From Greycliffe Avenue walk down the to Shark Beach and follow the path past the cafe until reaching a set of stairs leading up to the road/pathway.

  2. Follow the road to the right past Battery Cottage on the right.

  3. Take the next track on the right leading into the bush.

  4. Follow the trail until it finishes at Bay View Hill Road or shorten the walk by exiting along any of the main walking tracks on the left hand side and then turning left onto Vaucluse Road and following it back to Greycliffe Rd and Shark Beach.

  5. The quickest and easiest way back from the end of the walk at Bay View Hill Rd is to backtrack and exit the track at Queens Beach and follow Vaucluse Road.

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