Hidden Canyon


Very fun, but steep, moderate hike through a slot canyon in Zion National Park that includes some slight bouldering, sandstone caves, and two freestanding arches.


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Start/Finish points

Take the Zion Canyon Shuttle to Weeping Rock Trailhead. This trailhead also serves the Cable Mountain Trail, and Eastern Rim Trail.

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Hidden Canyon is an amazing slot canyon nestled between Cable Mountain and the Great White Throne. This slot canyon is hidden very well between Cable Mountain and the Great White Throne and wasn’t officially discovered until someone fell into the canyon coming back from the Great White Throne in 1927. This hike is separated into 2 segments: Trailhead and Incline and Hidden Canyon

  1. Trailhead and Incline: The trail starts out by going across a small rock bridge that was built back in the 1930’s. When crossing the bridge, look straight up and you will see the trail go through the switchbacks up the cliff face and disappear into a Hidden Canyon. After crossing the bridge the trail will fork, the left will go to Weeping Rock and the right will continue on to Hidden Canyon. The trail will curve around the base of the cliff for about half a mile and start to climb back on itself on some easy curves. Don’t get to comfortable because the hard part is coming next. When you come to the next junction in the trail, take the right fork. The trail will then start to go through a number of steep switchbacks as you start to climb the cliff face. These switchbacks will raise you 800 feet up the cliff and during the more perilous there will be chains to hold on until you get to the mouth of the canyon. Eventually the trail will curve toward the south and you will get to the canyon itself.

  2. Hidden Canyon: During the rainy season or after a summer cloudburst, you may be lucky enough to see a waterfall come out of the mouth of the canyon and wash down the cliff face filling the “Water Pots” (deep holes worn into the rock). Once you get to this point the canyon will appear before you like a tall rectangle with an open top and a sandy floor. The flora will increase once inside and will include broad leaf trees like Cottonwoods and other plants. The sand will remind you of walking through a sandy beach and could be just as deep. As you walk deeper you will come across the Green Wall where moss has over taken the canyon wall. Also in this area is the first arch in the canyon. It can blend in to the canyon wall so many people pass right by looking at their feet instead of taking in their surroundings. Eventually you will come to some boulders that you will have to climb over, which shouldn’t be that hard as there is a chain anchored here. Past this you will come upon some nice pools that you can soak your feet in. As you continue on the canyon will start to close in on you until it becomes nearly impossible except for the more advanced canyoneerers. At this point we suggest you head back. If you decide to move forward you will be rewarded with another free standing arch. After some rock climbing you will exit out of the south end of the canyon and meet up with the Deertrap Mountain Trail. Enjoy!


Zion National Park Springdale, Utah 84767

Park Headquarters: (435) 772-3256
Backcountry Information: (435) 772-0170
Fax: (435) 772-3426

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