Jenny's Canyon Trail

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: 10-20 minutes
  • Distance: 0.5 Miles (0.8 km) Round Trip
  • Access:
  • Location: Snow Canyon State Park
  • Tags: hike, united states of america, utah,

Jenny's Canyon Trail is the shortest hike in the beautiful Snow Canyon, near St. George, making it a perfect hike for small children. The destination here is a mini-slot canyon, and a small overlook.


Utah Hiking Info

Start/Finish points

To get to the trailhead from I-15:

  1. Take exit 8, and head west on St. George Blvd.

  2. Go 1.9 miles, and turn right on Bluff Street.

  3. Go 1.7 miles, and turn left on Snow Canyon Pkwy.

  4. Go 4.6 miles, and turn right on Snow Canyon Dr.

  5. Continue into the park, and look for the trailhead on your right. You will be given a map of Snow Canyon, which will help you locate this trailhead and other trails of interest.

Nearest Towns


Jenny’s Canyon is a great way for young children to experience the beauties of slot canyons and rock formations. As you approach the slot canyon, the trail branches. To the left is Jenny’s canyon, a mini-slot canyon with some interesting rock formations flanking the canyon. To the right is Jenny’s overlook, from which you can see the Sand Dunes of Snow Canyon, and some views of the mountains south of St. George.

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