Mt Timpanogos Summit via Aspen Grove


Hiking to the summit of Mt Timpanogos from Aspen Grove will lead you through lush vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, stunning cliffs, and trickling springs. It is steeper than the route starting at Timpooneke, but well worth the extra effort. This hike will take all day, so it is wise to start early - and be prepared to see a lot of other hikers - this is a very popular hike, during all times of the day and night. During this hike, the total elevation gain is almost 4900 feet (4856 to be exact) - almost one vertical mile.


Utah Hiking Info

Start/Finish points

Trailhead from I-15:

  1. Exit the freeway at 800 N in Orem (exit 272)

  2. Head east towards the mouth of Provo Canyon

  3. In 6.9 miles from the Provo Canyon ramp, take a right on SR 92 (Alpine Scenic Hwy)

  4. Travel 4.8 miles and look for a parking lot on your left

  5. You'll pass Sundance, and the trailhead parking lot the very next left after the toll booth

Nearest Towns


This trek can be divided into 4 phases, where the trail takes you into locations with significantly different scenery:

  1. Phase 1 - This initial ascent to Mt Timpanogos is the most lush because of the abundant supply of water. There is a creek flowing near the trail which you must cross, as well as a few springs trickling out of the rock itself. This is the steepest part of the ascent, and there are a few places where the trail gets a bit thin, so be careful. There are many switchbacks on this part of the trail as it leads you through the canyon, and up the face of the this mountain.


  3. Phase 2 - After 3.5 miles, the trail eventually crests into a more open, flat area. In this area, there is a small likelihood of seeing mountain goats. After this flat area, the trail starts to switch back again, and leads up into the bed of Emerald Lake. It’s one mile from the time the trail crests into phase 2, to Emerald Lake. Once these switchbacks end, the trail opens up and it’s only a slight uphill walk to the lake through a huge meadow. This is a good spot to have a snack, and refill your canteens (if you’ve brought a water filter). At the lake, the trail turns north, heads past a shack, and leads you to an amazing overlook (see title picture).


  5. Phase 3 - The trail heads west into a large scree field. At this point, having shoes with ankle support is extremely helpful. It’s clear that the trail leads through this field of rocks and boulders, but the trail becomes less visible and it’s up to you to find the smoothest way across. As the scree field ends, the trail climbs up to the saddle, where you can see views of Utah Valley for the first time, and where the vegetation ends. It is another mile from Emerald Lake to the saddle. Most groups have a break at the saddle, and prepare themselves for the final ascent.


  7. Phase 4 - The final ascent, aka “The Black Cliffs.” This phase is by far the hardest as the trail climbs up the ridge from the saddle to the summit. This phase is above the vegetation line, so the trail seems bleak and unforgiving. It’s a steep ascent, which is hard on already fatigued hikers. But, endure to the end of this phase, another mile, and the views from the summit of Heber, Utah, and Salt Lake Valleys are unbelievable, as is the feeling of accomplishment. Take a nice long break, because the hike down is almost as strenuous.

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