Stewart Falls (Stewart Cascade) Via Ray’s Lift at Sundance Resort


Nice easy kid friendly downhill hike that goes through the alpine meadows of Sundance Ski Resort. This is arguably the most characteristic waterfall in Northern Utah.


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Start/Finish points

Take I-15 to the 8th North exit in Orem to HWY 189 junction. Turn Left up Provo Canyon and travel about 6.8 miles turn left on SR 92 (Alpine Loop Rd) towards Sundance. After 2 miles up this road you will arrive at Sundance. Purchase lift tickets at any of the ticketing booths or the café and ride up Ray's Lift to the Summit (second to last stop). The Trailhead is to the right of the lift stop

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If you are looking for an easy to moderate trail for less experienced hikers as well as children, this is a great one to start out with since it has a remarkable waterfall at the end of the trail. The ride up is a fun way to enjoy the surroundings so take it in. At the summit, stay to your right until you get to the wooden trailhead signs (see pictures below); there are other hikes that you can do from here. The trail will start out by walking around a hillside and will stay fairly flat as you weave around the spruce and pine growing out of the hill. Along the way, enjoy some wild mint that grows all along the trail. Halfway around the hill the trail will split off to a really nice overlook for a great photo opp. After you go around the hill you will come to a small vale a good place to stop is at the giant fallen tree (we stopped and counted the rings and the tree was at least 150 years old when it was toppled). As you hike out of the vale, you will come to Dry Lake which is now just a big meadow between the hilltops. The hardest part of the hike is next as you climb down from Dry Lake as the trail is pretty steep and ruts have been worn into the path. This will last for about a hundred yards and the trail will straighten out along the mountain side. Along this part of the mountain side you will have to cross a spring that will have a good amount of water rushing down the mountain most of the year. There are usually stepping stones, but chances are you will still get a little wet. The last portion of the hike is pretty easy as you get to the falls. The falls themselves are tiered and have springs coming out straight from the rock in multiple places. This is a fun area to hike, but with the amount of water the rocks are really slippery. After you are done you can either go back the way you came and take the lift back or follow the signs and hike back directly to Sundance (see Stewart Falls via Sundance Hike).

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