Stewart Falls (Stewart Cascade) via Sundance Resort


One of three ways to get to Stewart Falls, this hike starts at Sundance as you Hike to Stewart Falls. A child-friendly hike that passes the Sundance Cottages; keep your eyes peeled for movie stars along this hike!


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Start/Finish points

Take I-15 to the 8th North exit in Orem to HWY 189 junction. Turn Left up Provo Canyon and travel about 6.8 miles turn left on SR 92 (Alpine Loop Rd) towards Sundance. After 2 miles up this road you will arrive at Sundance. Walk past Ray's Lift up the road to the rope tow on the Bunny Hill. The trailhead is located near the trees about 15 yards west of the bunny hill.

Nearest Towns


This is a nice easy hike, great for older kids and new hikers. There is a little bit of uphill but nothing too unmanageable. The trailhead starts out going along the east ridge above some of the buildings at Sundance. The trail stays along the ridge for a few hundred yards and then crosses the road. Right before you cross the road the path gets a little muddy from a natural spring in this area. Once you cross the road there is a little foot bridge that crosses the stream running down from the falls. The trail will then switchback up the other side of the ridge through a grove of trees. Once you pass the grove the flora opens up and you can start to get some glimpses of the destination. As you follow the path in this area you will see 3 or so beaver dams along the river which is almost surreal as it is surrounded by the Sundance Cottages (you may even see a movie star or two up here sitting on the decks of the cottages). Right past the beaver dams you will come to Stewart Meadow. If you have time it is worth to go walking in this meadow as the stream meanders through the meadow making it lush. Wild Mint is plentiful along the meadow all the way up to the falls, you can tell by the smell and the stem of the plant is square shaped. As you get closer to the falls, you will notice the temperature starts to drop as the water falling from the cascade acting like a giant swamp cooler. From here, the trail has little elevation gain. Once you reach the falls you will see at least 3 different tiers to the cascade and see why it is one of the best kept secrets in the area.

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