Tung Chung to Tai O


Tung Chung to Tai O hiking trail may be considered as more of a walk than a hike as the trail is predominantly flat and mainly paved, except for the final 20% of the trail. Total length however is 14km which is very long for the average person.
This hiking trail begins in Tung Chung which is easily accessible by train, bus or taxi. With the finish in Tai O, one can catch a ferry, bus or taxi back to Tung Chung.
The trail extends from the North side of Lantau Island and around to the West, with great views of Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok) along the way. On a clear day you will be able to see China in the distance. Tai O is known for its dried fish stalls. When you reach the end of this trail, be sure to take a good look around.
As mentioned previously, the trail is composed of 80% concrete paths which make it a little less exciting. The final 20% however is a welcome transition onto dirt trails.
It is not uncommon to see snakes along this trail as there are usually a lot of dead leaves lying alongside the path, a common spot for snakes to lounge about. Keep a lookout. You will see a lot of crabs near the beginning of the trail near the Tung Chung Outdoor Recreation Camp and also along the shoreline in Tai O. During the hotter months, Giant Golden Orb Weaver spiders are common and there are also many insects to see along the way.


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Start/Finish points

Starting in Tung Chung, you may catch the MTR to Tung Chung, jump on a bus to Tung Chung or grab a taxi.
The trail ends in Tai O where you can jump on a ferry back to Tung Chung, catch a taxi, or board the number 11 bus back to Tung Chung.

Nearest Towns

Tung Chung, Tai O


  1. Start at Tung Chung MTR station, exit C.

  2. Turn right and follow the path around to the left past Pizza Hut and some residential buildings. Here you should find a walking/bicycle path.

  3. Follow the bicycle path. Turn left through the first underpass, then up the hill and right through the next underpass and left inside the underpass.

  4. Exit and follow the path toward Yat Tung Estate. Take the first overpass, and bypass the second overpass.

  5. When you see a waterway to the right, take the exit on the right and turn right to follow the waterway. Turn left near the end, bypassing some offerings. Follow the path, continuing straight ahead, passing a sports ground along the way. You should already be able to see the airport to the right.

  6. The path continues straight ahead until you reach a small village named San Tau. Follow the signs pointing to Tai O (via Sha Lo Wan). Just past San Tau you will pass another small picturesque village by the name of Kau Liu.

  7. Continue following the signs to Tai O.

  8. You may stop for a drink at a small town called Sham Wat. Some residences offer drinks on the roadside.

  9. As you approach Tai O, you will enter through the fishing village. Continue through the village and take the next right, crossing a bridge. Turn left just after the bridge and continue towards the center of Tai O.

  10. At the end of this section turn right and then left and take another left onto the main path through the town. You will recognize it by the dried fish products hanging everywhere.

  11. Cross the bridge at the end, turn right and head out towards the bus terminus.


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