Valley of the Waters to Vera Falls


The valley of the waters walk down to Vera Falls is one for waterfall lovers. On the walk through the valley you pass numerous waterfalls, with the 380m Vera Falls awaiting you at the bottom. During the warmer months small pools at the base of some of the waterfalls offer some refreshing swims.


Start/Finish points

Car – Park at the Conservation Hut carpark at Wentworth Falls

Train – Catch the train to Wentworth Falls station. It is a 2.5 kilometre walk from the station to Conservation Hut.

Nearest Towns

Wentworth Falls


  1. Start at the visitor centre, also known as Conservation Hut.

  2. Take the track (marked by a sign) to Queen Victoria Lookout and Empress Falls.

  3. The track then heads west to Express Falls, and past Sylvia Falls.

  4. The track passes Lodore Falls. Cross the Valley of the Waters Creek on the stepping stones above Flat Rock Falls.

  5. At the next junction turn right – do not take the National Pass track.

  6. After 70m the track crosses the creek again. Keep on the track running beside the creek.

  7. Follow the track south, crossing the creek again after 400m.

  8. Follow the sign to Vera Falls. There is a track which leads to the foot of the falls. There is also a small overhang and pool to swim in.

  9. Return via the same path.

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