White Baldy (from Silver Lake)


The hike to the top of White Baldy from Silver Lake is one of the most breathtaking hikes with unique and stunning views a hiker could want. There is barely a worn path for the first part of this hike - after that, the adventurous hiker is on their own to find the best way to the top.


Utah Hiking Info

Start/Finish points

Trailhead from I-15 to mouth of American Fork Canyon:

  1. Take exit 284 and head East on SR 92 towards the mouth of American Fork Canyon

  2. After 7.5 miles you'll arrive at American Fork Canyon

From the mouth of American Fork Canyon:

  1. After 5.1 miles, veer left onto N American Fork Canyon Rd (SR 144) towards Tibble Fork Reservior

  2. Drive through the parking lot, and then take the very sharp left hairpin turn

  3. Just before Granite Flat Campground, take a right onto Silver Lake Road (a primitive dirt road, best taken with a high-profile vehicle)

  4. Follow this road to the Silver Lake Flat parking lot - just before the road crosses Silver Creek

  5. The trailhead is at the parking lot for Silver Lake Flat.

Nearest Towns


From the east side of Silver Lake, there is a somewhat worn path which turns north and begins to head up the north wall of the bowl in which the lake resides. As the path gradually disappears, so too does the thick brush, and you’re on your own to find the best route for you. To take the path that we deemed best, Keep heading north until you are well out of the lake bowl where the walls become more shallow. Once the ground isn’t too steep, head west towards a large rock outcropping. If you keep heading west around the base of this rock outcropping, it will lead you to a natural chute.

Carry on up this chute, and it will lead you to a massive field of boulders, which requires a nimble step to cross. One option to get to the next phase is to head straight through the full length of this bolder field, veering slightly to the right (north), however, we opted to head west into a side canyon to bypass this enormous and steep boulder field. If you follow this side canyon, you’ll see some very interesting meadows that are so dwarfed by the huge white boulders, they appear to be green oases in a sea of lifeless granite.

As this side canyon approaches the peak, head up to the ridge keeping the dark green patch of vegetation which clings to the mountainside on your right. You should find another chute which takes you to the ridge, and when you make it through this chute, head north towards the summit. You don’t need to boulder hop across the ridge for very long before arriving at the summit, which is simply the highest boulder on this ridge.

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