Upper Colo River


This is a nice easy and beautiful paddle along one of the cleanest rivers in NSW.

Start/Finish points

Park the first car in the car park located underneath Colo Bridge. Then turn right out of the car park and drive until you reach a road veering down off to right that leads to Upper Colo Bridge. There is a car park on the other side of the bridge. If you would like to extend the trip a little you may want start from Upper Colo Reserve which can be reach by continuing up the hill from the car park turning left after rounding the bend and following the road until reaching the reserve.

If you miss the turn you will continue up the hill and out of the valley reaching the Putty Road.

Getting there

From Sydney take the M4 and exit onto James Ruse Drive (turning right). Follow it all the way until reaching Windsor and continue over Windsor Bridge (Hawkesbury River) following Wilberforce Road/Putty Rd all the way until you reach Colo Bridge. Turn left just before the bridge and park the first car underneath.


This is a nice easy and beautiful paddle along one of the cleanest rivers in NSW. This is best paddled a few days after rain otherwise the kayak will drag on the sandy river bottom and walking will be required making it tiring. Carpooling between Colo Bridge and Upper Colo Bridge is the best way as this section of the river is fresh running water (non tidal) and returning by Kayak is not an option.


Wollemi National Park

Phone: 02 4588 2400

Fax: 02 4588 5335

Address: Bowman’s Cottage, 370 Windsor Street, Richmond NSW

Nearest Towns

Wilberforce, Colo Heights (Service Station)

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