Singapore Zoo

Parks and Reserves

Singapore Zoo is one of the main attractions in Singapore, and features the worlds largest colony of orangutans in captivity.


The zoo has many attractions, including:

  • Rainforest Kidzworld
  • Fragile Forest: A rainforest highlighting the fragility of ecosystems.
  • Critters Longhouse: Includes tamarins and Goeldi’s monkeys
  • Hamadryas Baboons: From the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia
  • Pandas
  • Wild Africa
  • White Tigers

There are also facilities to get married in the zoo.

Getting There

Singapore Zoo is one of the main attractions in Singapore so there is a lot of convenient ways to get there:

Other Notes

Getting There


The writer's preferred transport option. Runs from various locations


Buses run from various locations in the city, and from the Jurong Bird Park


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