Tokushima Prefecture


Tokushima prefecture is located in the northeast corner of the small, southern island of Shikoku. With coastline along the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean there is ample opportunity for marine activities such as diving, fishing, sea-kayaking, wind or kite surfing and surfing. The Yoshino River which dissects the prefecture has adrenaline pumping rafting and kayaking, while the mountainous interior offers excellent hiking as well as hang-gliding or parasailing for the more adventurous. Tokushima city itself is little more than a rural backwater for much of the year however during the summer holiday period in mid-August known as O-bon, the streets come alive with a carnivale-like dance festival, the Awa Odori.

Map of Tokushima Prefecture

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As public transport is limited the prefecture is best explored by car. Access to the coast south towards Kochi prefecture is on route 55. Route 11 runs to the north of Tokushima city to Naruto then west along the Seto Inland Sea coast towards Kagawa prefecture. There are two options heading west into the mountains; following the Yoshino River along route 192 before turning south onto route 438 or heading directly into the mountains from the city on 438. For those with limited time the expressways to Takamatsu and Kochi are convenient.

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