The Outdoor Type Guide - A guide for outdoor and adventure travellers

The Outdoor Type Guide is a guide for the outdoor or adventure travellers. Within its pages you'll find recommendations for walks, bike rides, kayaking trips, parks, beaches... all sorts of activities for you to do is various locations across the globe.

The guide is written by outdoor types from across the globe - pulling together the knowledge of people who have been out there doing the activities.


Ferdy Juf

Born and grew up in Jakarta until graduating from university. Following graduated he decided to explore other countries, and came to Singapore. Having a passion for photography since childhood, he directly bought a digital SLR after working for 1 year. Currently he does freelance photography and keeps exploring Singapore and the islands near by. He will keep on traveling to see the world and capture the beauty of world.

Matthew Lindsay

Konnichiwa and G’day from an Aussie in Japan. My name’s Matthew Lindsay but I usually go by the name of Matt. I arrived here in the land of the rising sun way back in 1996. Landlocked in the ancient capital of Kyoto I was forced to diversify my outdoor pursuits beyond surfing. Attracted by the aesthetic appeal and tranquility of the temples and shrines that dot the city and its surrounding mountains, I pursued my interests in hiking and photography.

After 5 years in Kyoto the call of the ocean was too strong to resist and I relocated to the Pacific coast in Tokushima on the small island of Shikoku. Although my craving for surf was partially satisfied, the lack of waves during the colder months of the year gave me the impetus to explore the ubiquitous mountains that cover the prefecture.

I was encouraged to hike the higher peaks of the prefecture by the free lodging in mountain huts known as yamagoya provided at the summits. With the assistance of a comprehensive Japanese website (http://www.ne.jp/asahi/photo/takeno/) I also developed a new passion – waterfalls. Along with the therapeutic qualities of nature and exercise it is the soothing sound and photogenic qualities of cascades that is my main motivation for hiking these days (when the surf’s not up).

Brian Skalsky

I am a resident of Southern California and enjoy exploring our local outdoor areas. My Fiancee and I have been avid hikers for a number of years and enjoy sharing our experiences and trail tips with those looking to explore the wilderness areas in Southern California. Our website is: www.abhiking.blogspot.com

Michael Pieper

After having lived most of his life in Melbourne, Australia, Michael moved to Hong Kong in pursuit of happiness which has now led to a wife, a child and another child on the way.

Being a fan of the outdoors, Michael has invested a lot of his time in helping local green groups in their drive to clear up the skies of Hong Kong. In recent times, he has started his own website, www.hiking-hong-kong.com, in order to increase awareness of outdoor activities in Hong Kong, with the primary focus on hiking. Reviewing hiking trails in Hong Kong, Hiking Hong Kong is growing by the day and Michael’s message is being heard throughout the country: There is more to Hong Kong than just sitting in front of a pile of paperwork, plodding away at a computer or spending your hard-earned cash at a shopping mall.

Michael believes that people must understand the beauty of Hong Kong in terms of its Country Parks which cover approximately 415.82 km² of land. If they cannot enjoy the outdoors, then they will not see the need to make Hong Kong a beautiful place by cleaning its dirty skies.

Andrea Hitchcock

My name is Andrea. I am originally from England, but I have lived on the Canary Island of Lanzarote for over ten years.

OK, so some of you maybe wondering where the Canary Islands are! We are a small set of islands located off the West coast of Africa, closer to Morocco than anywhere else although we are governed by Spain. The islands here are all of volcanic origin, with each offering their own unique topography and culture. Some offer rugged terrain with forests and greenery, but here on Lanzaorote the landscape is quite different. With no natural water, and over three hundred volcanic craters, it is an island who´s outlook can be likened to that of the moon.

I have always been a keen hiker, from the rural hills of England to the now barren landscapes that I find myself in here, each hike is a complete eye-opener with ever changing volcanic colours and new trails to be found.

I started my blog site, http://www.outdoorlanzarote.com

for those visiting the island on holiday, along with locals alike, to enable them to see a new side of this wonderful island full of hidden gems.

Andrea x

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