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As a motorcycle traveler, In Brazil or another country, your destination is not as much a city or a village, but rather a region where you travel through. You can set out on a trip with just a general idea of where you would like to go, and the places you would like to visit along the way. Most of the time you can get tons of information about interesting things or places to see on the go, from local people, and that is how you come across some of the most amazing places.

Brazil is an immense country, the fifth largest worldwide, and you can travel thousands of miles and end up having only seen a fraction of the country's many facets. From the extravagancy of Rio de Janeiro, to the mountains and lush forests of the Costa Verde, unspoilt beaches, tropical Islands, banana and coffee plantations in Espirito Santo, countless waterfalls, the canyons of the Chapada Diamantina, the historical colonial cities of the Estrada Real…Brazil has so much to offer if you just take the road less traveled.

Traveling on a motorcycle has many advantages. You are the one in control, you always have a front row seat, you are one with the scenery, and during the many gas- or other stops, people will start talking and giving you tips on where to go or avoid going. This way you see places and meet people that are yet uncontaminated by tourism and you will learn very quickly that Brazil is far less dangerous than often depicted. In fact, people are amazingly friendly and hospitable, and always ready to help, offering you a place to stay or inviting you to share their meal with them. 

Discover Brazil the best way possible: on a motorcycle.

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