Balmoral to Taronga Zoo via Chowder Bay


This scenic walk take you from the iconic Balmoral Beach to Taronga Zoo along Sydney Harbour, with spectacular views and historic sites to see along the way. This description is from Balmoral Beach (Mosman) to Taronga Zoo, but the hike could easily be done in the opposite direction.


David Rutter

Start/Finish points

Start: Balmoral Beach. At the southern end of the beach there is a carpark, and an oval. The track starts from beside the running/cycling track near the oval, up from the Sea Scout Hall and the childcare. Finish: Taronga Zoo Wharf. You can leave via ferry, or walk up to the top of the zoo and get a bus back.

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  1. Start at Balmoral Beach. The track starts from the southern end of the beach near the Scout Hall and the Childcare. The track ascends up stairways quite steeply, cutting through some bushland in between the Navy area and houses.

  2. At the fork in the track, turn to the left and follow the track and Middle Head Road down to Georges Head, and exploring the old gun placements, and enjoy the views. The path to Chowder Bay starts near the carpark.

  3. The track winds through the bush between the houses and the foreshore. Follow this track down to Chowder Bay.

  4. Walk around the bay, stopping for swim or refreshments if you choose. You can also finish the walk here and find a bus by walking up the hill on the opposite side of the bay to which you arrived.

  5. The track starts on the side of the bay, and winds around Chowder Head, and the heads through the bush. You will see many water monitors along the way basking in the sunshine beside the track.

  6. Follow the track around Bradleys Head, past Athol Bay and on to Taronga Zoo. Ferries operate from the wharf. If you need to take a bus, you will need to head up Athol Wharf Rd to Bradleys Head Rd. Buses depart near the top of the zoo.

More information on the hike can be found at the Sydney Outdoor Adventures website.

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