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Discovery Bay is unlike any other region in Hong Kong. In fact Discovery Bay is actually a resort. It is located on Lantau Island, facing Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The residents of Discovery Bay are mainly expat due to the more relaxed living environment. Rental prices range from about HK$6,000 per month for a 450 square foot apartment, anywhere up to HK$200,000 per month for a 5,000+ square foot house. There are no private cars in Discovery Bay – instead people drive golf carts to get from A to B, costing around HK$7,000 per month in rent. You can buy one for HK$1,200,000, the main cost being the license to drive it on a private road. Having a domestic helper is the norm, with some of the larger households having up to three. Discovery Bay is very Family orientated – you won’t want to move there if you are single.

This hiking trail gives you a complete view of Discovery Bay from every angle possible from South to North-East. You will also catch a glimpse of the airport on a clear day and Tuen Mun, across the bay. Toward the end of the trail you will be greeted with a fantastic birds-eye view of Disneyland.

The most common wildlife species you will come across will be the Nephila Pilipes, otherwise known as the Giant Golden Orb Weaver Spider or the Large Woodland Spider. This spider can be seen during the hot and humid months from mid May through to December, on the final descent towards Sunny Bay.

Occasionally you may also come across a Domestic Water Buffalo or a Domestic Ox, however these animals are seen more frequently on the south side of Lantau Island. Snakes tend to get well out of your way before you will get a chance to see them on this trail.


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Start/Finish points

This hiking trail starts at Discovery Bay Ferry Pier. This is the central hub of Discovery Bay. You can either catch the number 3 ferry from Central (Hong Kong Island) or get on the DB01R bus from Tung Chung, the DB02R bus from the airport, or the DB03R bus from Sunny Bay.

The trail ends at Sunny Bay MTR train station. Here you can jump on the train or catch the DB03R bus back to Discovery Bay which takes about 15 minutes.

Nearest Towns

Discovery Bay


  1. Start at Discovery Bay Ferry Pier.

  2. Follow the footpath to the left and head up to the main road. Cross the road and head towards La Vista. Walk up the staircase and turn right at the top. Follow the road up the hill to the very top, behind the last residential building. There you will find a small set of stairs leading up to a water drainage path.

  3. Follow this path to the top of the hill where you should veer to the right, following the dirt trail with Discovery bay to your right.

  4. At the road, turn right, away from the tunnel. Follow this road to the end of the dam where you will find a trail leading up the hill. Keep to the left and then take the trail which leads up the hill.

  5. Just before you reach the very top of the hill (Lo Fu Tau at 465 metres), at the fork in the trail, turn left following the mountain ridge to Tai Che Tung (302 metres).

  6. Just prior to the peak of the next mountain, Lai Pik Shan (263 metres), turn left at the fork in the path.

  7. At the peak of Tai Shan (291 metres), turn left. This is your final descent.

  8. At the bottom of the path, turn right, following the side of the motorway into Disneyland and take the underpass to get to the other side where you turn left, following the motorway out of Disneyland. Follow this road which leads under Cheung Tung Road and around to Sunny Bay MTR train station.


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Take plenty of water if hiking during the hot, humid months. Wear sunscreen and a hat. Wear long pants as parts of the trail are covered low scrub.

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