Tai Shan

  • Difficulty: Medium. Steep ascent on narrow steps
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Distance:
  • Access: Taxi, Bus
  • Location:
  • Tags: china, hike, tai an, tai shan,

This hike is for some a pilgrimage up a mountain of massive significance. It is not a hike through wilderness along dusty tracks. Although you will see some nature and nice scenery, it is a hike up thousands of narrow steps. If time allows, stay at the top of the mountain and get up early to see the sunrise. Tai Shan has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.


David Rutter

Start/Finish points

It is best to start the hike after first visiting Dai Miao or the large Dai Temple which is at the foot of the mountain. It is easy and cheap enough to get a taxi to the start of the hike. Alternatively bus 3 runs from the Tai'An train station to the foot of the mountain.

Nearest Towns



There are two main routes up the mountain - the more popular central route, and the western route.

The central route starts at Taishan Arch, and the path consists of about 7,200 stone steps. The path passes the Ten Thousand Immortals Tower (Wanxianlou), Arhat Cliff (Luohanya), and Palace to Goddess Dou Mu (Doumugong), the Midway Gate to Heaven, and many other culturally significant temples, arches, trees and rocks containing inscriptions. The route is easy to follow and requires no navigation skills.


Warm clothing (in summer you should take warm clothing in your pack). You can buy water and food at stalls along the way.

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