Hiking in Australia


Showing hiking activities in Australia.

  1. Manly to the Spit Bridge

    Easy | | 9km
    This is a great walk that doesn't require you to even leave the city. The walk show the beautiful side of Sydney as it follows the shoreline on the northern…
    Manly to the Spit Bridge
  2. Bob Turner's Track

    Medium. Steep descent near the river. | 3 hours return | 8km return
    This long winding track takes you down to the tranquil waters of the Colo River. An ideal place to spend the day just lazing around or swimming.
    Bob Turner's Track
  3. Valley of the Waters to Vera Falls

    Medium | 5 hours |
    The valley of the waters walk down to Vera Falls is one for waterfall lovers. On the walk through the valley you pass numerous waterfalls, with the 380m Vera Falls…
    Valley of the Waters to Vera Falls
  4. Blue Gum Forest

    Day 1 – Easy (8km) Day 2 – Medium, the morning hike is fairly strenuous (11km) | 2 days | 19 km
    Although Echo Point attracts the bus groups, the Blue Gum Forest has long been referred to as the centrepiece of the Blue Mountains. This walk is a classic overnight walk…
    Blue Gum Forest
  5. Hermitage Foreshore Walk (Nielsen Park)

    Easy | 1hr | 1.8km
    This is a nice scenic walk 1.8km along the harbour foreshore passing several small beaches including Shark, Milk and Queens Beach.
    Hermitage Foreshore Walk (Nielsen Park)
  6. Palm Jungle and Burning Palms Beach

    Moderate | 4-4.5 hours | 11km
    A very scenic walk along the coast through a palm forest to a nice beach.
    Palm Jungle and Burning Palms Beach
  7. Forest Path (Royal National Park)

    Easy | 3.5-4 hours | 10km from Waterfall station, 5 km if parking at Foster's Flat.
    The Forest Path is an easy hike through temperate and subtropical rainforest. The path circumnavigates Forest Island which is actually a hill that is almost surrounded by the Hacking River…
    Forest Path (Royal National Park)
  8. Canoe Creek Track

    Hard | 4-5 hours return | 7km return
    This hike gives you access to the spectacular Colo Gorge and is one of few starting points for liloing and canoeing down the Colo River.
    Canoe Creek Track
  9. The Cobblers and Waterrun (Coast Track)

    Easy | 1hr return | 3-4km
    The Cobblers and surrounding cliffs are one of the best viewing points for whale watching within the Royal National Park. Part of the Coast Track, this walk offers stunning views…
    The Cobblers and Waterrun (Coast Track)
  10. Balmoral to Taronga Zoo via Chowder Bay

    Easy | 2hrs | Approx. 6km
    This scenic walk take you from the iconic Balmoral Beach to Taronga Zoo along Sydney Harbour, with spectacular views and historic sites to see along the way. This description is…
    Balmoral to Taronga Zoo via Chowder Bay

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