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  1. Half Dome

    Hard | 10-12hrs | 16 miles (26km)
    Rising nearly 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley and 8,800 feet above sea level, Half Dome is a Yosemite icon and a great challenge to any hiker.
    Half Dome
  2. Mt. San Gorgonio (South Fork Trail)

    Strenuous | 9-11 hours | 23.6 miles (38 km)
    The hike to the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio is a major accomplishment for any Southern California Hiker. It is the highest point in Southern California. The trail is strenuous…
    Mt. San Gorgonio (South Fork Trail)
  3. Mt. San Jacinto

    Moderate - Strenuous | 7 hours | 17.7 km
    This is a must do hike for any Southern California Hiker. It is a well traveled trail and you will see people while out on the trail. The views are…
    Mt. San Jacinto
  4. Saddleback Mountain

    Strenuous | 6.5-8.5 hours | 16 miles (26km)
    This is a must do hike for any Orange County Hiker!
    Saddleback Mountain
  5. Big Baldy (Mt. Timpanogos)

    Moderate | 4-6 hours | 3.5 Miles (5.6 kms)
    A pretty day hike for those who want a chance to see a bit of the Wasatch Mountains, especially the western face of Mt. Timpanogos.
    Big Baldy (Mt. Timpanogos)
  6. Mount Olympus (Salt Lake City)

    Strenuous | 6-7 hours | 6.8 Miles (11 km)
    An intense 6 mile (9.6 km) hike leading to the top of one of the most prominent peaks in the Salt Lake Valley. Spectacular views while hiking, but not for…
    Mount Olympus (Salt Lake City)
  7. Y Mountain Hike

    Moderate | 4-6 hours | 2.4 Miles (3.8 km)
    Moderately strenuous hike popular for both BYU Athletes and Coeds. If you want to escape the crowd continue up past the Y for some beautiful scenery that most people don't…
    Y Mountain Hike
  8. Stewart Falls (Stewart Cascade) via Sundance Resort

    Easy | | 3 miles (4.8 km)
    One of three ways to get to Stewart Falls, this hike starts at Sundance as you Hike to Stewart Falls. A child-friendly hike that passes the Sundance Cottages; keep your…
    Stewart Falls (Stewart Cascade) via Sundance Resort
  9. The Grotto (Payson Canyon)

    Easy | | 0.6 miles (1km)
    Easy kid friendly hike with a beautiful rock grotto pool with a waterfall. This hike is a great way to introduce kids to hiking!
    The Grotto (Payson Canyon)
  10. Big Rock Candy Mountain (Sevier Canyon)

    Easy | | Up to 6.75 (10.85 km) miles one way
    Longer kid friendly paved canyon trail through a picturesque twisty canyon arriving at Big Rock Candy Mountain.
    Big Rock Candy Mountain (Sevier Canyon)
  11. Delano Peak (Tushar Mountains)

    Easy-Moderate | | 4 miles (6.5km) round trip
    Short and moderate hike to the highest peak in the Tushar Mountains of Central Utah and home to herds of Elk, Deer, and Mountain Goats. Easy hike for older kids!
    Delano Peak (Tushar Mountains)
  12. Delicate Arch

    Moderate | 2-3 hours | 3 miles (4.8 km)
    Arguably the most recognized rock arch in the world, Delicate Arch is a wonder to behold. Not only is the Delicate Arch amazing, the hike through the great Utah slick…
    Delicate Arch
  13. Park Avenue

    Easy-Moderate | | 1Mile (1.6 km)
    Wonderful short kid friendly hike leading through a small canyon bottom with towering skyscraper rocks.
    Park Avenue
  14. Behind the Rocks/Hidden Valley

    Moderate | | 5 Miles (8 km)
    Great Hike to get away from the Moab "tourist" crowd with awesome rock formations.
    Behind the Rocks/Hidden Valley
  15. Upheaval Dome

    Loop – Strenuous; Overlooks – Moderate | 6-7 hours | 12 Mile (19 km) loop, 1.5 Miles (2.4 km) to overlooks
    Awe striking desert hike around an ancient Meteor Crater or collapsed Salt Dome (geologists are still arguing this point). A great full day hike or quick in and out "looksee"…
    Upheaval Dome
  16. Jenny's Canyon Trail

    Easy | 10-20 minutes | 0.5 Miles (0.8 km) Round Trip
    Jenny's Canyon Trail is the shortest hike in the beautiful Snow Canyon, near St. George, making it a perfect hike for small children. The destination here is a mini-slot canyon,…
    Jenny's Canyon Trail
  17. Cinder Cone

    Moderate | 30-45 minutes | 1.5 miles (2.4 km) round trip
    If you ever wanted to climb a volcano and still be in sight of civilization, here is your chance. This moderate hike will give you great views from the summit.
    Cinder Cone
  18. Red Cliffs Nature Trail

    Easy | | About 1 mile (1.6km) round trip.
    Short, scenic and fun, this little trail leads from the campground at Red Cliffs Recreation Area into a narrow canyon beside a small stream.
    Red Cliffs Nature Trail
  19. Hidden Canyon

    Moderate | | 4.5 miles (7.2 km) round trip
    Very fun, but steep, moderate hike through a slot canyon in Zion National Park that includes some slight bouldering, sandstone caves, and two freestanding arches.
    Hidden Canyon
  20. Angels Landing

    Moderate | | 5 Miles (8 km) round trip
    Moderate Hike with a lot of switchbacks and tall cliffs along the trail which lead to one of the best views of Zion's National Park. Definitely not for the faint…
    Angels Landing
  21. Provo Peak

    Strenuous | 5-7 hours | 3.2 miles round trip
    Provo Peak is on the ridge behind Y-Mountain, and therefore often overlooked, although it is much higher from the valley floor than the surrounding mountains and can easily be seen…
    Provo Peak
  22. Silver Lake (American Fork Canyon)

    Moderate | 2-5 hours roundtrip | 4.4 miles round trip
    Hikers travelling to Silver Lake will encounter a luscious forested canyon, a bubbling brook (Silver Creek), and a stunning alpine lake at the end. This trail gains 1450 feet over…
    Silver Lake (American Fork Canyon)
  23. White Baldy (from Silver Lake)

    Strenuous | 3-5 hours | 1.6 miles from Silver Lake, 3.8 miles from Silver Lake Flats trailhead
    The hike to the top of White Baldy from Silver Lake is one of the most breathtaking hikes with unique and stunning views a hiker could want. There is barely…
    White Baldy (from Silver Lake)
  24. Mt Timpanogos Summit via Aspen Grove

    Strenuous | 6-8 hours to summit | 6.5 miles to the summit
    Hiking to the summit of Mt Timpanogos from Aspen Grove will lead you through lush vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, stunning cliffs, and trickling springs. It is steeper than the route starting…
    Mt Timpanogos Summit via Aspen Grove
  25. Mt Timpanogos Summit via Timpooneke Trail

    Strenuous | | 15 Miles
    Strenuous hike over a well maintained trail with unsurpassed beauty of waterfalls, alpine lakes, and fields of autumn wildflowers. You will see great views from the top across Heber, Utah,…
    Mt Timpanogos Summit via Timpooneke Trail
  26. Loafer Mountain and Santaquin Peak

    Moderate-Strenuous | | 11 miles round trip (4.5 miles to the peaks)
    Moderately hard mountain hike that lets you summit two separate peaks with views of Utah Valley, Wasatch Mountains, and the West Desert/Great Basin. From start to finish you will enjoy…
    Loafer Mountain and Santaquin Peak
  27. Double O Arch

    Moderate | 1-2 hours | 4 miles roundtrip
    Less than a mile beyond Landscape Arch lies the second biggest Arch in Arches National Park, Double O Arch, with the larger of the two arches comprising this double arch…
    Double O Arch
  28. Butterfly Trail (Snow Canyon)

    Easy | | 2 miles
    The Butterfly Trail is a gentle, kid-friendly hike with some gorgeous views of Snow Canyon and of the Petrified Dunes. The trail itself starts at the parking lot off of…
    Butterfly Trail (Snow Canyon)
  29. Whiterocks Trail

    Easy | 1 hour | 0.5 miles round trip to the amphitheater. 2 miles from the Whiterocks trail to the junction with the Lava Flow trail.
    If you love climbing on slickrock, then you should make it a point to visit Whiterocks Trail in Snow Canyon if you're near the St. George area. There is a…
    Whiterocks Trail

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