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When you visit Hong Kong for the first time you will notice that it offers you so much. You will either love it or loath it. Everywhere that you look in Hong Kong you will see a contrast of night and day, black and white – there is no in-between: The juxtaposition of designer shops & budget street stalls, high rise financial buildings & derelict residential buildings, fishing boats & luxury cruisers, tai tai’s & domestic helpers – the list is endless.

If you love to spend money, come to Hong Kong. Whether you are on a shoe-string budget, or have so much money that you don’t know what to do with it: Hong Kong is the place for you. From street markets to over-the-top designer shops, there is everything to tickle your fancy. And you don’t have to look far. Every building is almost guaranteed to have a shop at ground level at least, if not the first few floors. Shopping malls are around every corner and cheap stalls down every other lane. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to go anywhere in Hong Kong where there aren’t any shops.

If you love to work, come to Hong Kong. Business hours? You can work as long as you want, or have to. Although the working week is stated as the traditional 40 hours per week – expect to see this only on a piece of paper handed to you when you go in for an interview. In Hong Kong you will hear more about EQ (or EI) than IQ in the workplace. This is your emotional intelligence – something which must be high to cope with the long working hours. There are four key areas to emotional intelligence using the ability-based model that must be applied to yourself, to your peers and to groups of people. These are perceiving emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions, and managing emotions. Everyone is stressed out at their workplace in Hong Kong, and without a high EQ you will find yourself at the lower end of the ladder.

If you love people, come to Hong Kong! Hong Kong is jam packed with people. High rises are everywhere you look and you most likely will have at least one friend who lives on the 60th floor, with a balcony. With a population of over 7 million crammed into an area of 1,104km2, this makes Hong Kong the 4th most densely populated area in the World. With that comes pollution, and lots of it. This is perhaps one of the major downfalls of Hong Kong. With approximately 47% coming from China and 53% of air pollution produced locally, you are often hard-pressed to see a blue sky through the pea-soup air. In fact, on occasion you may not even be able to see across the World famous Victoria Harbour, even though it is less than a km wide.

If you love the outdoors, come to Hong Kong. Practically anywhere you live in Hong Kong, you can step out your door and find a hiking trail leading off into the 415.82km2 of country parks and special areas. All parts of Hong Kong feature countryside trails which are clearly signposted making it easy for you to enjoy the 75% of Hong Kong which is not skyscrapers and residential buildings. The four main hiking trails in Hong Kong include The MacLehose Trail which is 100km long, Lantau Trail at 70km long, Hong Kong Trail at 50km long and Wilson Trail which is 78km long. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Hong Kong, however you may also try your hand at swimming, canoeing, mountain bike riding, camping, golf or one of the many more activities available to do in Hong Kong.


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