Blue Mountains


Looking west from Sydney on a clear day, and a mountain range, swathed in blue, appears on the horizon. These mountains, only an hour from Sydney, offer a wealth of outdoor adventures, ranging from camping, hiking and mountain biking to canyoning and climbing.

The mountains appear blue due to the vapour from the eucalyptus trees that are so prominent through the mountains. The mountains themselves are predominantly sandstone, which has eroded and collapsed over time to create valleys, cliff faces and canyons. It is a veritable outdoor type playground.


There are two main routes into the mountains – the Great Western Highway and the Bells Line of Road. The Great Western Highway, running from Glenbrook, through Katoomba and on to Lithgow is the most heavily travelled

The area closest to the train line west from Penrith across the mountains runs from Glenbrook to Katoomba. The Great Western Highway runs parallel to the train line. Another route through the mountains, the Bells Line of Road, runs from North Richmond to Lithgow.

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